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Members of Bangor University may not know that the library has a collection of films and videos. In the Main Arts Library on College Road, you head straight up the staircase opposite the library entrance, turn left, and just before the Richards Reading Room, there is a door on your left labelled Film Room.

The collection is…eclectic (a great word meaning varied / assorted / random!). There are some old films, some classics, some new films, some world cinema, and some educational films. Amongst the collection, there are some gems.

Today’s recommendation is a film adaptation of a true story about mountains, danger and a fight for survival. The film is called Touching the Void, and is based on Joe Simpson’s book of the same name. I haven’t actually watched many documentaries, and never any survival films or mountain adventure movies, but I was completely gripped by this when I first saw it. A word of warning, it doesn’t make for easy viewing!

The library catalogue entry for Touching the Void is here, with further information about the film, which won Best Film in the Evening Standard Best Film Awards a few years ago, and Joe Simpson’s website is here.



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