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This blog post is about an important document published on the UNESCO website, as part of their Transatlantic Slave Trade Education Project.

The document is called “Slave Voyages: The Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans”, and is written by Hilary McDonald Beckle of the University of the West Indies. Although it is an educational resource for teachers, with suggested teaching activities at the end of each section, it is also a well written and sobering overview of the slave trade, which is well worth reading whether you are interested in this horrific period of history, or do not know much about it and wish to be better informed. The resource is long, but divided into sections, and contains some images at the end.

The UNESCO project site also contains a link (on the right, under the section “In Focus”) to a word document called “Slave Voices”.

I discovered this resource from a link posted on the BASAJISC discussion list.


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