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We have various newspaper archives in Bangor University library electronic resources collection, such as The Guardian, The Observer and The Times (see the library newspaper resources list ), but sometimes, you may want to be able to search many newspapers at once for relevant articles.

When you need to search multiple UK newspapers, we have two great sources:

The first one is News UK (link accessible only by Bangor University members), which can be searched both in the university and from home by people with university logins, but is also freely accessible online: News UK (accessible to anyone).

The second way to search across news archives, which seems to produce slightly different results from News UK, so is also worth trying, is LexisNexis Butterworth, a law database located in the Business, Social Sciences and Law Databases List (or click LexisNexisdatabase to go straight in, accessible to Bangor University members only). Once in the database, click on the news tab along the top row of tabs, and you will find a very useful search screen. All articles I have searched for open in full text in Lexis Nexis, and some of them (older articles particularly) prove impossible to find or access via Google and newspaper sites, so this is a very useful resource.

Contact me at v.zarach@bangor.ac.uk or leave a comment below if you have any questions or need any help accessing the news search sites, or want help with search strategies.


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