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Welcome Week at Bangor

Last week was Welcome Week at Bangor University, which is when all the new students arrive. It’s a frantic week for lots of people at the university: staff are really busy, and students are dealing with a whole new environment, unfamiliar faces, and an overwhelming amount of new information.

As a librarian, I had two main duties in Welcome Week: helping with the library stall at Fresher’s Fair, and giving presentations to groups of new students about library resources.

Fresher's Fair 001

Here’s a picture of me and Chiara on the library stall at Fresher’s Fair, with library leaflets, lots of nice freebies for students, and a tombola (that’s the funny looking box!). I’m the one with the long hair.

I’m currently pregnant (18 weeks now), so was quite anxious about my energy levels for Welcome Week, especially as there was a lot of very active things to do during the week: walking up and down stairs and steep hills, standing up, presenting, talking to lots of people, and so forth. Luckily I managed to do everything, and really enjoyed meeting the new students.

I particularly enjoyed presenting to groups of students, as it’s great to get the chance to share some of the information I have learned about the library resources during the last year, and to give them some tips about effective searching and so on. I gave slightly different information to the postgraduates and undergraduates, but tried to make sure they all had a basic understanding of what the library has and where to start. As Welcome Week wore on, it became an ever more challenging task – trying to get across some information about the library and e-resources, but without overloading already saturated brains!

Most of all, however, I enjoyed presenting because I was out of the library meeting groups of people studying at the university, most of whom seemed to be listening, and asked questions at the presentations, which helps me get an idea of what people want to know about. I hope they will come and see me if they need more guidance with the library resources.

So, term is officially starting here now, the days are growing darker and longer, and we are almost into October. Here’s hoping it will be a lively but not too hectic term with plenty of interesting enquiries!


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