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It’s been quite some time since I wrote in this blog, as I was off work for a year on maternity leave and have now been back for a few months but not yet got back to blogging. I am now doting mother to a one year old son, and back at work part time.


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And so, the end is nigh…

…hopefully not in the apocalyptic sense of course, it’s just that it’s my last week at work before my maternity leave starts. It’s all very exciting. I’ve completed all my final tasks now, including finishing teaching, writing up a project, clearing my desk, and saving any necessary files onto the shared library file space; and my replacement has been appointed, so I’m all set now! I was almost too efficient about finishing up, as I wanted to be prepared in case I had an unexpected early arrival, and was generally concerned about leaving too much to finish off in the last few days.

It’s fairly quiet at the university at the moment, as most students are doing exams, or not yet back; though there are still enough students back to make driving my car around the university quad to a parking space a challenging obstacle course. I’ve had a few enquiries by email and one or two in person, enough to justify my existence and make me feel useful.

I’m convinced my brain is slower getting steadily fluffier, due to being preoccupied with such exciting things as baby bedding, baby clothing and so forth, so it’s probably good timing to make a graceful exit at the end of the week before I a) can’t intelligently answer any library enquiries and b) can’t get up from the sofas at tea break.

I’ve had a really good year here at Bangor, really like my job and my colleagues, and will hope to drop in and see them all later in the year. I’m still going to be keeping half an eye on library news and developments in the UK via email and Twitter, but of course most of my attention will be on other things this year.

Fingers crossed for a safe arrival…

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