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LibraryRoom20090901_002Pic: Librarian Velvet Zaurak in the Library Room, Bangor University Island, Second Life

I haven’t managed to blog for a few weeks as I’ve been busy with all kinds of things: drop in enquiries, library tours for international students here over the summer, working on a library leaflet, and all kinds of other things. I’ve also spent some time in the last couple of weeks working on the virtual worlds section of the Web 2.0 Scoping Study I’m doing for the library and archives, which has, as always, involved spending some time using the web 2.0 tool in question, in this case, Second Life, which is the most used virtual world for educational purposes.

Luckily for us, some people at the University had already created an island in Second Life for Bangor University, and have been kind enough to give the library a room to use as we begin exploring the potentials of Second Life for the library and archives service.

So far, I have been getting used to moving my avatar around, and have been out exploring Second Life’s freebie shops hunting for furnishings for the library room, with the aim of making it friendly and comfortable, but with a library-esque ambience! It is currently furnished with a large rug, some bookcases, a desk and chair, a laptop, some leopard skin chairs and a small water feature. I also added a harp, as a symbol of the library’s Welshness.

The next stage is to learn to make signs in Second Life, to bilingually label our library room for visitors, and to create some links to library and archives website pages from the library room, as I have seen in other libraries I have visited in Second Life.

Future plans are to look at using Second Life for things such as library reference and enquiry services, for teaching sessions, and also to attend any useful conferences and meetings in the virtual world, as it can be difficult to attend many meetings when based in North Wales!


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